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Transocean Honor Takes Her Place in the Fleet

It’s official. Transocean’s newest high-specification jackup has been named and celebrated. The Naming Ceremony was held October 21 at the PPL Shipyard in Singapore. The day was a time of reflection to remember and honor the 11 crewmembers of the Deepwater Horizon lost in the tragic Macondo incident of 2010. The 11 stars on the coveralls of the Transocean Honor crewmembers, who gave tours of the rig after the ceremony, help ensure the 11 men will never be forgotten.

Terry Bonno and her husband.Steven Newman and Gihan Awwad.Part of the evening’s pageantry: Chinese dancers.Transocean Honor crew conducted tours of the rig.<>2 - 4In the evening, a dinner at the Pan Pacific Hotel was another chance to remember the 11 lost crewmembers and to look forward, as the Transocean Honor is the first of four high-specification jackups being built in Transocean’s drive to renew its fleet. The rig was celebrated with good food and fellowship as co-workers and friends reunited from around the world.

Gihan Awwad, HR Coordinator, Egypt, won a companywide contest earlier this year to name the jackup. She was among almost 200 guests at the ceremony along with Transocean Ltd. President and CEO Steven Newman and Senior Vice President of Marketing Terry Bonno, who served as the rig’s lady sponsor. Gihan had these thoughts about the special day.

“I’ve worked for Transocean for almost 20 years however, I never thought a rig’s launch or naming ceremony would be that fascinating. Being recognized for winning the rig-naming contest was a thrill in itself, nevertheless, the well-organized, cheerful and authentic spirit during the shipyard event, was way beyond my expectations. I was very much impressed with the atmosphere and passion the executives have for the rig and the crew.

“At the dinner event the spirit among the guests was exceptional, a feeling I guess none will be able to experience unless he/she works for a company like Transocean where all layers of management, staff and crews from all backgrounds and nationalities mingle so sincerely and warmly. The recognition for those who helped with the event and the celebration of October birthdays for the Singapore office and rig crews with a cake in the shape of the Transocean Honor show the environment we have in this company—where outstanding work is always recognized and the teamwork spirit is the leading factor for a leading company.”