INBOX: Letters from our customers

Deepwater Champion—Turkey

On behalf of the ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Turkey Business Venture in Ankara and ExxonMobil Development Company Drilling in Houston, we would like to congratulate and thank everyone who served aboard or supported the Deepwater Champion in our successful drilling of the Kastamonu-1 deepwater exploration well in the Turkish Black Sea.

Most important to us was the complete commitment of the Deepwater Champion team to our ultimate goal of “Nobody gets hurt and No spills.” We were able to drill the Kastamonu-1 well without any OSHA recordable hurts or spills.

With a very diverse crew and average daily personnel on board in excess of 200, the Deepwater Champion team was still able to drill Kastamonu-1 with a total hurt incident rate 15 percent better than our typical new start-up safety performance. This excellent safety performance is a direct result of the entire Deepwater Champion team’s exceptional capabilities, experience, and absolute commitment to performing all work as safely as possible. Additionally, the team achieved outstanding environmental performance.

The Kastamonu-1 well was the most complex and challenging deepwater well and largest single well monetary investment that ExxonMobil has ever undertaken.

The Deepwater Champion team was able to safely drill, evaluate, and permanently abandon Kastamonu-1 meeting ExxonMobil’s technical and geologic objectives and doing so within budget – an extraordinary achievement!

In conclusion, ExxonMobil prides itself in “taking on the world’s toughest energy challenges.” In this endeavor, Transocean has proved through the skill and commitment of its people, to be a most capable and worthy partner to this endeavor.

Thank you again for making Kastamonu-1 such a safe, environmentally responsible, technical and economic success.


Field Drilling Manager


Operations Superintendent


Operations Superintendent

Exxon Mobil


Sedco 704 – U.K. North Sea

Following a recent stay onboard, I would like to thank you all for your fantastic attitude. This was my second trip to the 704; the first one was in April 2010. The attitude of the crew and third parties to health and safety are some of the best I have come across. Not just in the UK but worldwide. I have even taken some of your health and safety ideas and applied them at different installations and work locations.

The core crew are also some of the most hospitable I have met. Being a third party, I visit many installations and unfortunately you find that most have a them-and-us attitude. On the 704 you feel part of the team. It was a pleasure to work with you all and I look forward to next time.



Senior Field Engineer, Connectors & Measurements, Expro Group


Discoverer Clear Leader – Gulf of Mexico

I want to thank everyone for their efforts in driving Clear Leader performance on Tahiti IS001. At the risk of challenging conventional wisdom, you did not deliver this success by focusing on working safely and reducing NPT (non-productive time). You were able to be successful by committing to doing everything the right way every time by using the tools available to manage risk, ensuring good communication, and striving for perfect execution of every task.

A well like IS001 is a culmination of small tasks that when all are done well, results in low NPT and incident-free operations, basically Clear Leader performance.

Again thanks to everyone involved in IS001 for focusing on perfect execution.


Vice President Drilling & Completions

Chevron Global Upstream


Transocean Comet - Egypt

We have conducted the QPR (Quarterly Performance Review) of the Comet and I really appreciate Transocean for their commitment to reduce the rig repair NPT (non-productive time) by overhauling the mud pumps, installing more dedicated TDS wash pipe and other improvements.

Transocean succeeded in cutting the rig repair related NPT from more than 7% during the 1st quarter to almost zero% during the last two months.

As Wells Team Leader for Comet and on behalf  of the drilling management, we appreciate the TO Comet team for the outstanding job they did for running and cementing the longest 9.5/8-in. GoS of SB293-2A well without any problems.

Also for the professional execution of the fishing operations of Oct-D7 which ended with 10 days savings. Also and on top of that, TO Comet are working very hard to keep our HSE performance as best as we can.


Wells Team Leader

Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO)


Sedco 714 – U.K. North Sea

It is with great pleasure that Total E&P UK give recognition to the Sedco 714 team for reaching another great safety milestone and a genuinely deserving one. The attitude to personal and operational safety is without doubt at the forefront of our industry. It is a privilege to work alongside such a committed group of individuals. Bearing in mind all the various hurdles that are presented in today’s oil field it is no mean feat to reach 4 years without a Lost Time Incident.

The Sedco 714 team have fostered a “Complete” Safety & Risk Management Program over the last 4 years with Total. With an average of almost one hundred safety observations per day there is no doubt that the focus and dedication is inherent to each and everyone on the rig. What makes the Sedco 714 team different to others is that you take the time out to explain to newcomers and take a genuine interest in their safety.

Notwithstanding the above a special thanks to the management and particularly the OIMs who have worked relentlessly every day to ensure the Sedco 714 safety ethos is loud and clear.

As always when it comes to Safety the job is never complete and it is with this that Total, and in particular the onshore management, wish the complete offshore team good luck and all the very best for the days, weeks and months of Safe Working ahead.

It is especially worth noting that as more and more new people are seen on the 714, both Green Hats to the rig but also to the industry, then it further highlights that your efforts, initiatives and dedication to ensuring everyone returns home safely becomes more obvious.

Keep up the excellent Safety work.

Yours sincerely,





Total E&P UK