2009 Employee Communications Survey


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It’s always interesting to see survey results, and our second Annual Employee Communications Survey is no exception. While some questions were different than the 2008 survey, our 2009 survey was our first opportunity to compare results year over year.

For starters, there was a dramatic increase in the number of survey respondents (1,151 in 2008, compared to 2,717 in 2009). We’re not sure if this is related to greater employee engagement, wider access to our e-mails, an easier-to-use survey tool, our iPod offer or a combination of several things that drove so many more of you to the polls – but we were excited to see these results and we’re hoping for an even greater response in 2010. Visit our full survey results section of Beacon online ( to tell us why you think we saw more participants this year.


Information sources

We also saw some significant changes when we asked about your information sources. In 2008, answers were here and there, with a clear preference for RIGCentral (65 percent of respondents reported getting their information about the company there), followed by now-defunct newsletter FIRST Monthly (41 percent) and FIRST News e-mails/FIRST Online (both at 30 percent). This year, a whopping 87 percent of respondents reported getting their information via FIRST News e-mails, followed by RIGCentral, which held relatively steady this year as an information source for 62 percent of respondents, and FIRST Online jumping to 54 percent. A slightly larger percentage of respondents reported getting information from their supervisors (39 percent versus 30 in 2008) or “through the grapevine” (29 percent versus 17 percent in 2008).

You want profiles? Company oulook/strategy? You got it. This issue of Beacon features a profile of Steven Newman, our incoming CEO, who spent time discussing what’s in store for Transocean. Click here to read more.

We also noticed that, if you could pick other ways to receive Transocean communications, you want to have access to company information from your house. Did you know that is accessible from any computer with an internet connection? That’s no accident. Also, if you have a network username and password (most employees should), try visiting where you can access internal sites like RIGCentral and FIRST Online via the application portal!

When it comes to what you want to read about, your answers have been consistent: PEOPLE. Employee features/profiles and RIG People (anniversaries, achievements, family news, employee awards) again topped the list of preferred content, followed closely by company strategy/outlook and safety stories.

The long and short of it
When it comes to story length, most respondents told us to either keep everything short (44 percent) or provide a mixture of long and short (41 percent). In Beacon, we’ve aimed for a nice mixture, but when in doubt, we keep it short and sweet. In terms of page count in Beacon, we’ll stay right where we are – almost 90 percent of respondents said the overall length was “just right.”

2010 Survey
We plan to send out our 2010 Employee Communications Survey this spring. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to respond to our questions and give us even more information to make our communications with you better.

Full results online
This is a basic summary of some of the results that we felt stood out, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Click here to download a PDF of the full results, including all responses to open-ended questions – even the nasty ones! – that you are welcome to read through. As usual, we have studied your feedback carefully and will use it to guide us as we make communications decisions this year.



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