Update: Transocean/Aker Drilling Integration Going Well

The Norway Division Management team (left to right): Iain Inglis, Finance Manager; Tove Muravez, IT and Administrative Manager;  Aasmund Erlandsen, Managing Director; Inger Aase, QHSE and HR Manager; and Rune Askeland, General Manager. (Not pictured: Jonn-Borger Magnussen, Commercial Manager.)



The philosophy of delivering safe, efficient operations for customers was virtually the same at Transocean and Aker Drilling when the two merged last October. That was the easy part. The challenge is integrating the Aker management system into the Transocean system, taking the best from each system. Aasmund Erlandsen, Managing Director, Norway, reported that the management team has made great strides in achieving this goal, targeted for all to be working on one system by September. “The overall integration process has gone well. We are more than halfway through the planned activities,” Erlandsen said, noting that the 440 Aker Drilling employees are undergoing the Transocean Vision rollout training through June.

“We have a good integration team and have excellent input from corporate functions like Human Resources, QHSE, Supply Chain, Technical Field Services and IT. And all seven rigs have delivered outstanding performance with excellent safety and revenue efficiency during this transition period,” he said.