Spotlight on Moustafa Ahmed and Elsayed Bakr

Moustafa Ahmed, Day Toolpusher, and Elsayed Bakr, Barge Engineer, have been with the Transocean Comet for 30 years. The Comet recently celebrated 30 years in operation in the Gulf of Suez with customer, Gupco.

Moustafa Ahmed and Elsayed Bakr have seen continuous improvement in technology and safety practices during their 30 years onboard the Comet in Egypt. “The drilling system has changed from Kelly to a top-drive system and the mud watch system has changed from a mechanical to an electronic system,” said Ahmed. “To me, the biggest change has been in safety and the provision of all safety tools and equipment,” said Bakr. “There has also been a tremendous change in training at all levels and in all subjects whether technical, operational or safety training.”

Both men have risen through the ranks to their current positions and neither can fathom working for any other company. “The management system is perfect. The managers are professionals. Transocean and rig Comet are my family,” Ahmed said. “During the past years, I have learned a lot from the company and from the Comet and for that reason I have not thought of leaving the company,” Bakr said, adding, “I have a good relationship with my co-workers, supervisors and Gupco that has been built over the years. I feel like I am at home when I work onboard Transocean Comet.”

Ahmed and Bakr agree that the Comet team is successful because they respect and care for each other. “You don’t need to ask any member of the team for help. They all volunteer to finish the task professionally and safely. When we accept a new member to the team, he is mixed immediately with other members as if he has been working with the team for a long time,” Bakr said. “Come visit our Comet and you will feel the same as we are feeling now,” Ahmed and Bakr said.