RIG People

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Service anniversaries, wedding, birth and other announcements, including special accomplishments by employees and their families can be found at FIRST Online. Featured in this section of Beacon are employees celebrating retirements and service anniversaries for 25 years or more.


35 Years

El Mogy (second from left), Rig Manager, Performance, Rig 105 and Rig 124, celebrated 35 years with the company with (left to right) Ihab Toma, Executive Vice President, Operations, Mrs. Fatma El Mogy, and David Tonnel, then Senior Vice President, EAU Business Unit.

North America: John Kees, Senior Toolpusher, Discoverer Enterprise, admires a gift from the crew as he celebrated his 35th service anniversary. The celebration was also a going-away party as Kees moved on to become the OIM on the Deepwater Nautilus.


30 Years

Italy: Mario Mogorovic (left), Toolpusher, Key Manhattan, was presented with his 30-year-service anniversary award by Georges Layre, Rig Manager, Performance.




Indonesia: Senior Barge Master III Rick Friedell (left) received his 30-year-service anniversary award from OIM Calvin Johnson aboard the GSF Parameswara.




Brazil: Frits Verlinden (left), OIM, Deepwater Navigator, received congratulations from Ray Worth, Rig Manager, Performance, and Jerry Rodger, Rig Manager, Asset, on his 30-year service anniversary.



Geneva: President and CEO Steven Newman (left) congratulated Jean Hahusseau, Director, Total Rewards, on his 30 years of service.





Israel: Brian Carroll, Electronic Supervisor, Sedco Express, received his 30-year service award from Benoit Verniere, Rig Manager, Asset.




Perth: Sector Manager Julian Soles presented a 30-year service award to Ray Berry, Rig Manager, Performance, Transocean Legend.





25 Years

Brazil: Marcos Palitot (center), Supply Chain Offshore Supervisor, received his service award from Arthur Russi (left), Supply Chain Manager, and Estevão Santos (right), Procurement Manager, for his 25 years with the company.




Lagos: Bill Ivey joined his friends and colleagues at a dinner to celebrate his retirement after 38 years of loyal service with Transocean. He had just completed his last hitch as OIM on the GSF Rig 135 where he was also given a great send off by everyone onboard. Bill (center) celebrated with (back row, left to right): Mike Rennie, Marine Manager; Jason Hook, Rig Manager, Asset; and Ian Laird, Rig Manager, Asset. Front row, left to right: Colin Craig, Rig Manager, Performance; Martin Nuttall, General Manager, GGA; and Colin Leach, Division Manager, Performance.


North America: Reggie Hilliam, OIM, Discoverer Deep Seas, Gulf of Mexico, celebrated retirement at a surprise dinner. Reggie was presented with a painting of the Discoverer Deep Seas that was given to him by his colleagues. Reggie has been with Transocean for 34 years, 11 of them on the Discoverer Deep Seas.



Brazil: Thor Stensland, Captain, Deepwater Navigator, Brazil, celebrated his retirement after 15 years with the company.