Pat on the Back

GSF Grand Banks

Congratulations to GSF Grand Banks Project Team who guided the successful shipyard stay, coming in under budget and ahead of schedule despite challenges. See story, page 13. Pictured left to right are Paul Boyer, Piping (contract); Justin Meyers, Assistant Project Manager; Noel Bennett, Construction Manager; Alex Delorey, Coatings (contract); Lewis Turton, Quantity Surveyor (contract); Charles Mulvena, Project Engineer; Peer Nelson, PA; Bruce Irving, Structural (contract); Matt Meadows, Project Electrical Engineer; Neal Hayes, Project Manager; Leon Tracey, Rig Asset, Manager; Andrew Walsh, Ready to Drill; Rene Rodrigues, Rig Performance, Manager; A. J. Montalvo, Operations Engineer; David Bryce, Project HSE; Ole Hildebrand, Project Electrical Engineer; Rasheed Rasool, Project Logistics; and Debbie Jackman, Project Administration. Not pictured: Alex Burnett, Project HSE.