Mozambique: Delivering Comfort to Children’s Village

Chad Walker (left), Logistics Supervisor, Deepwater Millennium, and Gilberto Manuel, Director, SOS Children’s Village, with residents of the village.


When the Deepwater Millennium changed out the mattresses from the rig’s living quarters, Mike Long, Rig Manager, Performance, and Ah Pew, Rig Manager, Asset, set out to find a deserving charity that could use the discarded bedding. They found the SOS Children’s Village in Pemba.

“The village is made up of a school and 15 buildings that each house 10 orphans, ranging in age from one month to young adult,” explained Long. “The children are well looked after, however essentials are sparse. They have had the same mattresses since the village opened 10 years ago,” Pew said. “We’re glad we could contribute to help the children’s basic needs.”