INBOX: Letters from our customers


Transocean Barents – Norway

On behalf of Statoil, we would like to thank you for well-performed operations on Transocean Barents.  Together we have drilled two wells successfully in a safe and efficient manner, which has given valuable contribution to Statoil’s prospective portfolio of oil production. The operations have been executed in the Barents Sea during winter without any serious injuries or spill to environment. There has been great focus on well control from all onboard. The rig has operated efficiently and the use of the double RAM rig has been optimal. The crew has been skilled and the work environment onboard is very good. Food onboard, with frequent element of short traveled fish, has been excellent and the welfare onboard is impeccable.

Exploration well 7220/7-1 became a very good oil discovery with great media coverage and positive effect on both Statoil and Transocean Barents.  It was also gratifying that this actually was the first discovery that the rig was involved in. The atmosphere onboard was also good in the period where core after core collected contained oil. At the takeover of the rig we introduced Statoil Pronova as a system for measuring and optimizing the efficiency onboard. The crew deployed Pronova in a very good way and has continuously used the system to document an improved and more consistent operation. It is positive that Pronova will be used also after the rig leaves the contract for Statoil.

Well 7220/5-1, the appraisal well, was conducted in a very safe and effective manner. No injuries, no spill to the environment, but we, however, had a falling object with high potential. The results of the well confirmed Statoil’s volume estimates for Skrugard and contributed positively with important data for the concept and engineering in connection with field development of Havis - Skrugard area. Also the routines around Pronova were fine-tuned and we can see an improvement regarding consistent performance of operations.

The rig shall now drill exploration well Eik for Noreco before it goes south to the Jette-Project for DNO. Good luck.

Svein Ræder

Leader, Offshore Drilling Technology



Deepwater Millennium - Mozambique

Congrats to the team on the DWM for completing Anadarko’s first well test in Mozambique safely and in record time. This has gotten everyone excited at Anadarko and made us all feel proud to be associated with this project. It’s a testament to great teamwork and your diligence ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of excellence. Great job guys, your efforts are well appreciated by all.


Drilling Operations Manager

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation


Dhirubhai Deepwater KG2 - Malaysia

I wanted to personally thank all of the people that were involved with the Jujur Project. We picked the rig up on Jan. 21, right in the middle of Chinese New Year’s, left the shipyard on Jan. 23 and never looked back.

The overall performance from Day 1 was outstanding. And, yes, performance includes safety.  Everyone should be truly proud of what we have done over the last 40 days. The team pulled together and whatever needed to be done we accomplished as a team. That is what makes these wells so fun to do.

The people are what really make these projects so successful.

Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication. I am proud to say I was part of the team. And we hope we will have the pleasure of doing this again in the near future.


Drilling Superintendent, Malaysia

BHP Billiton Petroleum


Ditto from me. Thanks to everyone. I know it was a chore at some times, but everyone pulled together. For you TO guys, I know it is hard to move from operator to operator, but y’all were a model of skill, cooperation, work ethic, safety awareness and competence. It was a pleasure and I appreciated it. I genuinely hope we can do something together in the future.

Earl Robinson

Exploration Drilling Manager

BHP Billiton Petroleum


GSF Constellation I – Gabon

For the past year, our two companies have worked together incident free; this is a great achievement in today’s oilfield. Total E&P Gabon and Transocean have incorporated the use of the safety systems to gain this one year incident-free status; the use of Transocean and Total’s safety systems and results speak for themselves.

At Total E&P Gabon, we use the “Shadow Board Initiative” and the new “Time Out Authority.” This was placed on the rig and used in conjunction with Transocean’s START and TOFS with positive effects.

All of Total’s third-party service partners participated and the rig crews were very proactive with the systems on the rig. The safety culture onboard the Constellation I is second to none and I can see no reason why the Constellation I cannot achieve many more years incident free.

Alain Pons

Senior WSL

Total E&P Gabon


Sedco 704 – U.K. North Sea

The teamwork and cooperation that goes on between TO, ADTI and third parties offshore to ensure a safe and efficient operation makes the 704 a very rewarding rig to work with.Feedback in end of hitch reports consistently praise the efforts and contribution put in by the TO supervisors offshore to ensure operations run well and safely. 

Iain Mackay

Project Manager



The Sedco 704 has performed very good during the drilling of two difficult wells. Made the transition between drilling and completion mode without a hitch. The safety record over the campaign has again been very good, with good participation from both rig crews and service partner personnel. The main strength of the 704 lies in the supervisors. They are a positive force and the main drivers on safety and performance.

Charlie Robb



The operational and safety performance of the crews over the past three months has been excellent. This has often involved dealing with challenging situations and also more recently the onset of winter weather. The can-do attitude of people in every department and at every level, a willingness to ‘muck in’ and to make every person onboard feel part of the team has seen the rig overcome many challenges.

Malcolm Coutie

Drilling Engineer