BSEE Inspectors Tour Discoverer Americas

(Left to right) Senior Toolpusher Robert Garcia, BSEE Inspector Fred Mosley, LSU Professor Mayanki Tyagi, BSEE Inspector James Richard and Senior Subsea Supervisor Ray Harrison. 


Inspectors with the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), along with Professor Mayank Tyagi from Louisiana State University, toured the Discoverer Americas in the Gulf of Mexico in November. The Bureau works to promote safety, protect the environment and conserve resources offshore through vigorous regulatory oversight and enforcement. Inspectors conduct both annual and periodic unannounced inspections of offshore installations to examine safety equipment designed to prevent blowouts, fires, spills or other major accidents.

Professor Tyagi joined the inspectors on the Americas tour to gather information on the latest deepwater drilling technology for a graduate level course—Offshore Drilling and Production Operations—which LSU will offer in Fall 2012. After the group was briefed on the drillship’s present operations and the professor was given a safety orientation, they started their tour on the bridge and proceeded to the rig floor. The BSEE agents inspected the shaker house while Senior Toolpusher Robert Garcia explained the operations of the equipment to the professor.

The tour continued through the pit room, sack room, cement unit room, pump room and moonpool. The final stop was the ROV unit, which allowed the group to see components of the BOP stack. “The inspection went well and the rig received compliments with no issues raised,” reported Garcia.