Transocean’s 11th Annual Employee Photo Contest attracted contestants from all parts of the world using a wide variety of cameras. From camera phones to high-tech digital cameras, employees captured impressive award-winning shots. Awards were given for entries across five categories based on Transocean’s Vision – Innovation and Excellence, Our People, Outstanding Customer Service, Safety and Value. With the large number of remarkable photos, we also included a few Honorable Mentions. This year’s award recipients were selected from hundreds of entries and were then chosen by an expert panel of seven judges, including professional photographers, designers and printers. The selected photos were featured in Transocean’s 2012 Calendar. Congratulations to this year’s award recipients and thanks to all who participated. Now, let’s meet the 11th Annual Employee Photo Contest winners…

Joshua Styx, Category Manager at Greenway Plaza in Houston, shot a photo with a Canon Powershot A650is that earned him second place in the Innovation and Excellence category and the People’s Choice Award. His photo was taken off the coast of Walvis Bay, Namibia, while en route to the Petrobras 10000, which was anchored about three miles offshore for a shipyard project. “We set off from shore shortly after sunrise. The calm water and early morning mist created a backdrop for the rig that looked so serene that I had to snap a few shots as we swung around the stern of the ship. The inspiration to superimpose the two images came from the photo categories themselves: what better way to represent the vision of our fleet than through someone’s eye,” said Joshua. His favorite part of this photo is how it reminds him of one of the most unique countries he has ever visited.


Mohammad Anwar Momin, QHSE Advisor in Mumbai for the India and Middle East Division, shot a photo that received third place in the Safety category. Mohammad used a Sony Cybershot to capture the Trident II located offshore of Mumbai. “All were set as per our company standard. There is focus on what is happening in and around you. By following the safety process, we can deal with our day-to-day operation,” explained Mohammad. Mohammed chose this picture because he was impressed with the operation’s safety measures. He said he is proud to have spent over nine years on the same rig working offshore in the drilling department.


Simon Walker, QHSE Manager in Perth, Australia, used his Canon camera to receive an Honorable Mention award for his photo titled “Dad, Can I Help?” which was shot in the dining room of his home. Simon’s favorite thing about this photo is that is his son is wearing the Mr. Potato Head glasses as safety glasses. “The picture is my son wanting to help when fixing a gate. He knows without being told the first thing he must do is don the required PPE, gloves and glasses,” Simon explained. “Laborious as it sounds, I wear safety glasses, gloves and boots at home because I know it is the right thing to do and I don’t want my kids to get hurt by inadvertently showing them the wrong thing to do. Setting the right example is the best way to help prevent them from being hurt.”


Allan Cooley, a Ballast Control Operator for the Deepwater Nautilus in the Gulf of Mexico, received third place in the Outstanding Customer Service category using his photo titled “Sky’s the Limit.” This award-winning photograph was taken from the deck of the Deepwater Nautilus using a Cannon Powershot SD 880. “The inspiration came from the way the sun was setting in the background,” Cooley explained. “This shot captured the idea of going the extra mile in maintaining a good partnership with our customers.” Cooley’s favorite part of the photo is the silhouette of the worker at sunset.              


Stuart Addison, a Toolpusher aboard the Deepwater Champion in the Mediterranean Division, won first place in the category Outstanding Customer Service. The picture was taken using his Canon G9 onboard the Deepwater Champion while the rig transited from South Africa to Turkey. “My inspiration for the picture came from previous pictures during the voyage. I knew at that time in the evening the sun was setting and giving great silhouettes through the derrick,” Stuart said. “When I realized the builders were working outside the derrick, I knew there were would be a good chance of getting a unique picture.” Stuart’s favorite aspect of this picture is the way the two men are defined against the angular derrick. He also favors how the rays of sunshine in the background seem to “spread out in an almost biblical way.”


Arild Lillebø, Control Room Operator, Transocean Searcher in Norway, received the first place award in the Innovation and Excellence category with his photo “Coloreful Houses in the Light.” This picture also swept the title of Best in Show. The winning photo was taken in a town called Fosnavaagen, Norway, which is 30 minutes from his hometown of Ulsteinvik. “That day I took the photo there were some students who had a light show to light up all the old buildings in the town,” explained Arild. “I thought it would be a good chance to catch a special photo with all the colorful lights on the old houses.” Arild’s photography achievements did not stop there; he also accepted a second place award in the Value category with his shot of “Summerfun,” a black-and-white photo he shot of his child and his cousin running along the beach.


Assistant Driller aboard the Actinia in Malaysia, Chee Lung Wee collected a second-place award in the Safety category for his photo “Confident.” Wee shot this photo on the Sedco 601 while preparing for UWILD (Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking) work in Kuantan. Pictured in the photo is Didik Wahyudi, who was then an Assistant Driller and assigned mentor to Wee. “His dedication to his work amazed me along with the agility he shows. He taught me the right way to do each job and shared his knowledge that he gained from his experiences,” said Wee. Didik is now a Driller on the Actinia, and Wee is his Assistant Driller. Wee gives many thanks to the crew of the Sedco 601 for sharing their experiences and always making him feel at home.


Crane Operator David (Vik) Waters, GSF Galaxy III in the U.K. North Sea, had two award-winning photos in this year’s photo contest. “Kenny the Welder” received first place in the Our People category. This shot was snapped on the rigging loft of the GSF Galaxy III to show our people at work. Vik’s favorite part of the photo is the light of the welding and the reflection in the mask. Vik was also awarded second place in the Outstanding Customer Service category for “Passage of Information,” which was taken in the pit room aboard the GSF Galaxy III. He was inspired to take this photo to show the communication between Transocean crew members and third-party personnel. “It’s just an everyday conversation, but part of the way to get things headed in the right direction is by working together,” Vik said. Both pictures were shot using a Canon EOS60D.


Xavier Perez, Risk Administrator in Houston’s Corporate Office, is a Houston native who shot his photo using a Droid 2 Camera Phone. The photo, titled “Rig Pride,” won third place in the Our People category. While aboard the Discoverer Enterprise in the shipyard in Mobile, Alabama, Xavier was inspired to take the photo when he noticed everyone was looking the same direction. To him, it represented everyone being focused on one vision and one destination. Xavier’s favorite part of the picture is the Captain (foreground) and how his smile exhibits pride and his eyes exhibit integrity and leadership.


Russel Lockett, Mechanic, Deepwater Nautilus, Gulf of Mexico, is originally from Tellico Plains, Tennessee. While rebuilding the main engine in the port engine room, Russel shot this photo using his Olympus camera. He was awarded third place in the category Our People. The photo shows Mechanic Charles Lukansic looking up the cylinder from inside the engine during overhaul. Russel’s favorite part is “the way Charles’ face reflected off the cylinder wall as he peeked from inside the crankcase cavity.”


Roger Løvslett, Offshore Planning Coordinator, Statoil Office, is from Stavanger, Norway. Roger received third place in the category Innovation and Excellence for his photo titled “Welltest.” Roger took this award-winning photo from the semisubmersible drilling rig Transocean Searcher while testing a new type of nozzle for the cooling water during well test. The nozzle makes the star-shape in the middle of the flames. “I was offshore during a well test, and I took this picture to use in a report. The picture came out really nice, and it is now the wallpaper on my computer,” he explained. Roger is convinced the picture more or less took itself.


Heather Thompson Ring, Dynamic Positioning Operator, Discoverer Deep Seas, Gulf of Mexico, won third place in the category Value using her Nikon D90 (12-24mm nikkor lens.) She shot this photo while on a trip for her honeymoon, on a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Cappadocia Valley in Central Turkey. Heather was attempting to capture the natural landscape and beauty of the balloons at sunrise all at once. She explains how her bird’s-eye view allowed her to fully appreciate the scenery she had been exploring from the ground. “I chose this photo for the surreal aspect created by the harsh natural landscape in contrast to the vivid colors of the balloons.  The perspective of the balloons in contrast to the valley dwarfs the natural landscape,” said Heather.


Mechanical Supervisor Wagner Soares de Melo from the Sedco 710 in Brazil won first place in our Safety category with his photo titled “Personnel Transfer.” The Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro native snapped this award winner using his Fujifilm Finepix A900 digital camera. Wagner was inspired to take this photo for his son. “My favorite thing about this photo was the idea to eternalize the moment and show it to the younger workers, with the aim of recovering a bit of the history of the market development. When I started out, this was the way we boarded,” explained Wagner. The location of this photo was the Campos Basin.


Mike Dow, Chief Mate, Houston Greenway Office, swept first place in the category of Value with his photo called “Defenders of Freedom.” While visiting Washington, D.C., he noticed the reflection of the Washington Monument on the surface of the Vietnam Memorial. Mike really liked how “the contrast between the names and the blue sky of the ‘background’ serves to highlight the names.” His award-winning photo was shot using a Pentax K100 camera.


Robert Clark, RSTC, Sedco Express, Mediterranean, received an Honorable Mention for his photo titled Flying High 2. This photo was submitted in our Outstanding Customer Service category and features the flag of Liberia (left), where the Express is registered, and the flag of Israel, where the rig is working. Robert took this shot using a custom setting on his camera called night vision. “It gives the picture a more dramatic look I think,” explained Robert.


Omar Al Mogy, Rig Accountant, Cairo, submitted an award-winning photo called Team Spirit. He received an Honorable Mention in our category Value. Omar captured the Transocean Team in the 5th Ramadan Petroleum Soccer Tournament 2011 organized by Egypt Oil & Gas. It was the first time Transocean has participated in the tournament and the team won the Fair Play award.