INBOX: Letters from our customers

Transocean Searcher - Norway

There was a beautiful piece of work ongoing at Transocean Searcher this weekend. Concerning performance/ROP and consistency in operations, it is simply brilliantly delivered. I could not wait with making something underlining this. It will be presented in the B&B management meeting tomorrow [June 16, 2009]. This is a great achievement. Congratulations to ALL of you!

Kjetil Bekkeheien,
DWS Performance Management, StatoilHydro

GSF Galaxy II - North Sea

The Galaxy II is now off hire at the end of the longest drilling programme in Centrica’s history.

Over the last ten and a half months we have had to deal with a number of unexpected technical issues, which have necessitated quick responses and changes to plan. We had to move back and forth between platform wells, we had well control events, and we filled your rig up with platform modification workforce. The Galaxy II team has taken all this in stride and provided rock-steady support to all our operations, regardless of how disruptive they were.

The highlight of the campaign has been the attitude and cooperation from the crews. Our drilling team (PDL) tell us it is the best attitude any of them have ever come across from a rig crew. This includes the drill crew, deck crew, marine and maintenance team, and the catering and stewards, and is not limited to looking after the client. All the service teams have commented on the attitude of the Transocean crews and the help that they’ve been given. Even with the gradual changeover from the original Canadian crew to British crews the general feel of the rig has not been affected greatly, probably because most of the senior people remain unchanged.

The cooperation and “can do” attitude cascades down into the safety culture. Doing the job safely has always been the priority, and safe ways of doing the job were always engineered. As a result there was never an issue on the rig where we were told that we couldn’t do something. We’ve had to develop procedures and plan equipment to deal with problems, but the overriding message has always been positive. The outcome from all this has been that we have not had one serious incident throughout the campaign. Yes, we have had a few first aid cases and one medical treatment case, but all have been at the individual level, and of a minor nature, and in every case, positive actions were immediately taken to minimise the risk of a similar occurrence.

Working with the GSF Galaxy II and Transocean has been a very positive experience, and everyone who has been involved has gained something from the attitude and culture of the team.

On behalf of Centrica and PDL, please pass on our thanks to the whole team – the rig crews, the rig management and the back-room teams too.

Martin Bennett
Project Manager, Grove Extension and Seven Seas, Centrica


GSF Jack Ryan - Nigeria

The last four trees run by the GSF Jack Ryan has been the best performance for Total to date!

Eric Delatte
Akpo Drilling and Completion Manager, Total


Sedco 711 - North Sea

I have to say that after looking through the recent trainee reports, it is becoming more and more apparent that the quality and type of training available for our new starts for their hands-on training on the 711 needs to be commended. The training has good structure and it appears that there is a real buy in from the Transocean crews, all the way to the TPs. This type of quality training and commitment can only but reap benefits for our young engineers, for yourself, and your DSVs offshore. This is an invaluable contribution toward our wells training programme. We appreciate the Transocean effort on this.”

Ian McDonald
Senior Well Engineer, Shell

> The Sedco 711 also achieved a safety milestone in May 2009. Check out the Safety Milestones section. Go team 711!


Yann Ledru, OIM, Sedco Express - Angola

We would like to take this opportunity to recognise and thank Yann Ledru for his dedication and unswerving duty in ensuring we could complete our recent coil tubing operations safely and expediently. Had it not been for Yann and his team, the leak we observed during the final pressure test of the Coil tubing reel connection would have resulted in extended downtime. His adeptness in ensuring a safe and acceptable solution was founded on serving the interests of all parties and serves to show the engendering of team spirit we have become accustomed to and continues to be driven by members of the rig’s leadership team like Yann.

So on behalf of BP we’d like to pass our thanks and appreciation to Yann who continues to ensure we all follow the safety and operational vision of the Sedco Express-driven Greater Plutonio wells project.

Greg Blome
Wells Project Manager, BP, Greater Plutonio

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