Achievements and Milestones


Rig 105 achieved three years without a recordable incident on Jan. 19, 2011. The team also achieved 19 years without a Serious Injury Case in July 2010. “Each one of you has committed to use our company safety tools to do the right thing and to work together as one team,” said Salah Elmogy, Performance Rig Manager Performance. “Your remarkable accomplishment is proving that Transocean’s safety vision ‘an incident -free workplace - all the time, everywhere’ is achievable and can be maintained.”


Transocean’s Kattameya Yard in Cairo achieved seven years incident-free in February 2011.


The Trident 20 achieved two years without a recordable incident on Jan. 9, 2011.


The jackup Adriatic IX was named the Europe and Africa Unit’s (EAU) Rig of the Month for October 2010.The jackup High Island VII was named EAU’s Rig of the Month for August and September 2010. The jackup Galaxy 2 was named EAU’s Rig of the Month for July 2010. The D.R. Stewart was named EAU’s Rig of the Month for February and June 2010The Transocean Searcher was named EAU’s Rig of the Month for April and May 2010. The EAU “Rig of the Quarter” and “Rig of the Month” is selected based on performance across a variety of areas, including QHSE, downtime, maintenance issues, client feedback, training and development, and finance.


The Grand Banks achieved five years without a Serious Injury Case in July 2010. “This is an achievement that you all need to be proud of, as we are proud of each and every one of you,” said David Matlock, NAM Division Director, Performance. “Make sure your family members are aware of this huge accomplishment, as we ask you to work incident-free for your safety AND to send you home safely to your family! Great job by the team and hats off for 5 years!”


Galaxy III recently achieved one year without a Serious Injury Case (no date provided).


Transocean Marianas recently achieved one year without a Serious Injury Case (no date provided).


Transocean Comet recently achieved one year without a recordable incident (no date provided). “I was always proud of the Comet team attitude, and how the rig team adheres to the safety process and lives in the concept that ‘safety is everyone’s responsibility and I’m accountable for safety of myself and the colleagues around me’ - this is key for success,” said customer Maged Moris Mosaad, Rig Team Leader, Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company. “The visibility and commitment to have a safe working place from Comet leadership team was a key factor in this achievement. Good job and congratulations to everyone.”



Sumardi Sutiman, a Storekeeper on the Parameswara, recently earned an award from OIM Mike North for his excellent contributions to the company’s safety programs and his safety leadership. Sumardi has worked on the rig for six years. “He is very active to lead his co-workers in participating in START monitoring and THINK planning, including the use of TSTP, even tough he is not in a supervisory level,” said Muhammad Imran, RSTC. “He also actively participates in reducing dropped objects by food storage arrangement.”



VP and CIO John Truschinger (left) presented Ernie Lum (center) with an IT wall of Honor certificate in recognition of Ernie’s excellent support of rig upgrade projects in Singapore.The certificate was presented on August 17, 2010, at the Sembawang shipyard by John and Deepwater Expedition Project Manager Luis Tovar (right).

“Shipyards are a very challenging environment for IT support,” said Steve Fraser, Ernie’s direct supervisor. “However, Ernie has been highlighted on several occasions for consistently providing excellent IT service to shipyard builds and projects.”



Sukrisdianto, a Floorman on the Parameswara, in July 2010 received a special recognition for his attention to safety, which prevented a serious potential dropped object incident on the rig (Sukrisdianto called a Time Out for Safety when he saw the Driller with the Kelly Hose hitting the monkey board finger). Rig Manager Performance Ken Stockstill presented him with an award for Rp 700.000 for his support.


The Sedco 710 achieved four years without a recordable incident on Sept. 14, 2010.

“Such a record can not happen without a strong culture of rigor, ownership and belief by all crew members on the rig,” said Ihab Toma, EVP Global Business. “And such culture can not be attained without a great leadership on the rig and onshore. Well done and keep up your guard. Five years without recordable is not too far away!”


The Houston Materials Center celebrated one year without a Serious Injury Case on September 1, 2010.


The shore-based team in Balikpapan, Indonesia (office, warehouse and yard) achieved one year incident-free on May 30, 2010. “It is a great achievement by the team considering the consolidation of equipment from five different legacy yards to this new facility, including the relocation of both Hibiscus and Parameswara tubular from Tuboscope yard,” said Mohammad Faisol, Indonesia Materials Manager. “This is a good result by the team and shows our commitment to safety and our core values.”



Eric Wagner, Drilling Manager for Chevron’s Latin America Business Unit (LABU) presented Ralmon (center) with the award, together with Jimmy Jeansonne, Chevron Drilling Manager in Brazil. 706 OIM, Gary Slaney, also appears in this photo.

Ralmon Souza, a Floorhand on the Sedco 706 offshore Brazil, made a safety observation that was chosen by a Chevron executive committee in May as one of four observations worldwide contributing most toward modifying at-risk behaviors.

The selection of safety observations is part of Chevron’s Behavioral Based Safety initiative, designed to drive safe behaviors that give Chevron a “clear leader advantage.”

Winners receive a letter of appreciation from Chevron, as well as a wrist watch.


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