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Top-Set Incident Investigation Tool Adopted Worldwide


The Nigeria team participated in Top-Set training on March 11 in Lagos.

To get to the root cause of safety and operational incidents (including “near hits”)at Transocean, the company has adopted the Kelvin Top-Set investigation process worldwide to help Transocean personnel understand the real reasons that incidents occur. And most importantly, learn from those mistakes.

The Top-Set process is well-respected and widely used by Transocean clients, as well as leaders in other heavy industries, for its proven approach to “Root Cause Analysis.”

“In order to achieve our vision of an incident-free workplace, we need to provide our people with the tools they need to succeed,” said Jimmy Moore, Director of QHSE. “Top-Set is one of those tools.”

The time-honored Top-Set methodology was developed by Kelvin Top-Set Consultants in 1986 with classes offered by their trainers worldwide. Working with Kelvin, Transocean has brought their entire training process in-house and has developed multiple training sessions for different levels with the support of numerous “investigator” trainers, who teach one-day sessions, and six “master” trainers, who teach three-day sessions for senior-level investigators. It’s a groundbreaking accomplishment, as Kelvin to date has not allowed any other company to offer in-house training up through their master level.

Trainers have already conducted pilot sessions, with the first official class held in February. Click here to view photos of some of the first sessions in Nigeria, Canada and Malaysia!

> For more information on who is required to attend Top-Set training and at what level, visit RIGCentral>Human Resources>Training>Training Matrix Jan 1st 2009. For other issues, contact Harry Cooper at


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