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Transocean Safety Vision Meeting 2009, Mumbai, India


SafetyMeetingDivisionSidebar03Transocean’s senior management team in February met to attend what CEO Bob Long has called the most important meeting of his year: the 2009 Safety Vision Meeting. Held this year in Mumbai due to the India Division reporting – for the second year in a row – the company’s lowest TRIR of 0.56 as of Nov. 30, 2008, the meeting has become an annual staple at Transocean to set safety goals and improvement plans for the new year, as well as celebrate the prior year’s safety successes.

Participants at this year’s meeting, including executive, unit and division management, focused on three areas key to ensuring continued improvements in the company’s safety performance: 1. Dropped Object Prevention; 2. Integrity Management and Major Hazards; and 3. THINK Planning Process.


Making Plans to Improve HSE Performance
Attendees worked in groups to brainstorm these topics, sharing lessons learned and ideas from the company’s divisions, and developed a list of actions that could be implemented to improve HSE performance. These actions were ranked, and the top three proposals from each group were voted on by all attendees, resulting in the proposals that will move forward into implementation. The top proposals make up a “Safety Vision Clear Agreement Document” outlining how to implement each one across the company in 2009.

Highlights of the Safety Vision Clear Agreement Document

Phase I – Making it Personal

  • Plan Perfect Day visits by rig management across the company to deliver a personal message on leadership, compliance and accountability
  • Make personal calls to OIMs by Rob Saltiel, Arnaud Bobillier and Larry McMahan pledging their support and outlining 14 Asset and Performance Expectations

Phase II - Implementation of the top Solution Proposals

  • Form Dropped Object Steering Committees Offshore
  • Include Dropped Object Checklists on the THINK Risk Assessment Prompt Card
  • Initiate Division Manager Dropped Object Incident Reviews
  • Implement a formal Red Zone policy
  • Conduct more detailed scenario-based drills
  • Provide Integrity Checklists for Rig Manager visits offshore
  • Increase awareness at all levels offshore on the use of Operations Integrity Cases (OIC) and Major Hazard Risk Assessments (MHRA)
  • Improve Hazard Identification Training
  • Incorporate planned Time Out For Safety (TOFS) policy
  • Require a written THINK Plan with each TSTP (Task Specific Think Procedure)
  • Incorporate a THINK Plan monitoring system

Attendees also discussed the formula for safe and effective operations – Leadership, Compliance and Accountability – during discussions led by Steven Newman, President and COO; Rob Saltiel, EVP Performance; and Arnaud Bobillier, EVP Assets. Each Business Unit’s senior vice president chaired related group breakout sessions.

“We all left the meeting with a firm belief that by focusing on Leadership, Compliance and Accountability and implementing some of the actions proposed in Mumbai, we can continue to develop our safety culture, improve our HSE performance, reduce our serious near hits and dramatically cut the number of dropped objects,” said Adrian Rose, VP of QHSE.

Celebrating Our Successes
The 2009 Safety Vision Meeting wrapped up with a dinner to honor the India division team, celebrate their achievements and to congratulate all the divisions that met or exceeded the 2008 TRIR target of 0.87 incidents per 200,000 hours worked. In fact, if the reporting window had been extended through December 2008 to determine the lowest TRIR and where the 2009 Safety Vision Meeting would be held, the Egypt and Middle East division would have triumphed with 0.62 TRIR.

The highlights of this year’s dinner entertainment included a special dance performance by Steven Newman, which he promised the India Division team he’d do if they were to host the Safety Vision Review for two years in a row, and a welcome speech made by Bob Long – in Hindi! If you haven’t yet seen it, visit FIRST Online to view the video Steven Newman’s dance, performed to Indian pop hit “Mauja hi Mauja.”

Going Forward
In addition to the planning involved in improving the company’s HSE performance, attendees left armed with the official safety targets for 2009. These include a TRIR of 0.82, a SIC rate of 0.27 and, of course, zero fatalities.

> Look for updates on Transocean’s current safety performance in each issue of Beacon in the “Measuring Our Success” section.


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