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Nigeria In Focus


It’s true that life and work in Nigeria have their challenges, but take a closer look and you’ll see that Transocean co-workers are pros at overcoming any obstacles – and even having a little fun, too.

Lagos, Federal Republic of Nigeria – At 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning in January, Transocean’s office on Victoria Island is already humming with activity. And it’s not just the sound of the generators regularly switching on to ensure the building’s got electricity – and air conditioning – on an already-hot winter morning. Transocean team members file in, grab their morning coffee and firm up preparations for an 8 a.m. meeting with representatives from client Total that kicks off a week-long Performance Monitoring Audit and Assessment (PMAA) audit on the GSF Jack Ryan. After thoroughly discussing the PMAA, which is a health check on the rig’s application of company policies and an opportunity to identify improvement areas, some of the staffers return to their offices to work (with promises to attend the staff’s regular Sunday evening barbeque held in town). At the same time, others arrive to work on project plans for an M.G. Hulme Jr. shipyard visit in 2010, while those who have the rest of the day off head out the door to meet their co-workers at the adjacent boat dock for a trip to check on the recently-installed pool at Transocean’s beach hut.

One thing is clear: the team in Nigeria is constantly focused on making improvements –offshore on the 13 rigs at work in the region, in the office … even at the beach.

Zooming in on Operations
Nigeria is not immune to the recent global financial crisis, recently experiencing slumping oil income and a depreciating currency. But the fact remains that 90 percent of the country’s income is based on oil, says Dan Munoz, Gulf of Guinea Division Manager.

“An average well declines about 15 percent each year,” he said. “Which means, we have to drill.”

Did you know?

In 1964, The Offshore Company’s (a Transocean predecessor company) 14-legged jackup drilling barge Rig 52 claimed Nigeria’s first offshore discovery, working for Amoseas.

Some of Transocean’s currently 13 rigs in the region are expected to stay for at least a few more years (and some have already been working offshore there for years). Two of the company’s three ultra-deepwater rigs working offshore Nigeria, the GSF Jack Ryan and the Sedco Energy, are contracted to work until 2011 and 2013, respectively. The drillship Deepwater Pathfinder is expected to move offshore Ivory Coast early next year – remaining in the GGA – and later mobilize to the Gulf of Mexico. The GSF Adriatic VIII (a 2007 FIRST Excellence Award winner) and the GSF Baltic, two of the region’s superstar jackups working for ExxonMobil, are also working in the region under contracts. The semisubmersible Sedco 702 also is expected to work in the region until 2011.

Harvey Snowling came to Nigeria three years ago working as the Rig Manager of the Deepwater Pathfinder. Today, working as Operations Manager for the entire GGA division, he recognizes some of the current economic challenges but sees Nigeria remaining a major operation – especially in deepwater.

“I think 2009 is a big stepping stone for Transocean to move forward, and to really hone in on some of the fundamentals: leadership, compliance and accountability. I think with those key points we will definitely succeed in doing even better than we did in 2008.”

Harvey Snowling, Operations Manager

“We’ve been drilling in Nigeria more than 40 years, and I don’t see any reason why there won’t be another 40,” he said. “We might have to advance different technologies, but we have moved from all the swamp rigs that we had long before and now concentrate on our jackup and deepwater offshore work in fields like Bonga, Akpo and Agbami. So we’re getting right out there and right off the shelf.”


As 2009 kicks off, the operations expectations are clear. Fourteen of them, to be exact.

“One thing we’re going to focus on in 2009 are the 14 Asset and Performance Expectations that were delivered from corporate management,” Harvey said. “We’re taking these 14 expectations, and we’re embedding them in our culture here with the team onshore as well as to our units offshore.”

Armed with these 14 expectations, the team aims to keep reporting performance and safety successes, but most importantly, to constantly improve. Performance improvement, Harvey said, is a milestone, too.

“You can always look at a success for, say, first oil for Akpo or Agbami, but some of the successes are when you take units that are maybe having challenges and work together with the team to ensure we swiftly bring it back to a level that indeed gives customer satisfaction and optimum performance. Then embed this in the culture of the rig. The secret is to monitor closely any peaks and troughs over every operation in GGA and soon as you have a tell-tale trend, take direct action to get back on track.”



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