Felix Lankester (center), LWC Project Manager; Melissa Clare (left), QHSE Manager; and Mike Watt, High Island VII Rig Manager – Performance.

The Limbe Wildlife Center in the Republic of Cameroon received a special gift from Transocean on Valentine’s Day (February 14) – a donation of $1,000 USD to help ensure the long-term survival of the gorillas, chimps, mandrills, drill monkeys, olive baboons, guenon monkeys, rock pythons, dwarf crocodiles, African grey parrots and other species of wildlife, most of them endangered, and to support the education and awareness of Cameroon’s unique wildlife.

Did you know?

Cameroon is one of the few countries where coastal and lowland gorillas exist, growing up to six feet tall and weighing more than 460 pounds (210 kilograms). They are primarily vegetarian, with much of their diet consisting of plants like bamboo, wild celery and other leaves. In addition to gorillas, Cameroon is one of the last remaining habitats for drill monkeys, of which there are only about 3,000 left in the wild, and chimpanzees.

The LWC, while not a zoo, is open to the public and is one of the few places that people can see and learn about these special animals and the conservation issues that affect them. The not-for-profit LWC opened its doors in 1993, founded as a collaborative effort between the Cameroon government and the Pandrillus Foundation, and is fully-funded by donations. Its location at the base of Mount Cameroon in the small fishing town of Limbe boasts the second-highest level of biodiversity in Africa and provides a home to many endemic and critically endangered primates.

Transocean’s donation was made to LWC Manager Felix Lankester on behalf of the Gulf of Guinea division by Michael Watt, High Island VII Performance Manager, his wife Paula and Melissa Clare, GGA QHSE Manager.

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