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AMU Employees Prove Unit-Wide ‘Perfect Day’ is Within Reach!


Thousands of Transocean employees working in the company’s North and South America business unit (AMU) produced outstanding results on March 3 as the entire unit, for the first time ever, set a goal and made a plan to achieve a “perfect day” with no QHSE incidents or company-related operational events.

Rigorous application of the tools provided in Transocean’s Company Management System, including THINK and START, paid off: The company’s North America division achieved a “Perfect Day” on all 18 rigs and shorebased facilities, and the South America division achieved a “Perfect Day” on 13 of 14 rigs and all shorebased facilities. The rig that did not achieve the perfect day in SAM experienced a minor spill of drilling mud, which was contained on board.

To accomplish this, division meetings were held with Operations Managers, Rig Managers (Performance and Asset) and department heads to develop an implementation plan, which included applying the THINK planning process to all activities, conducting START tours and conversations, tracking START participation, calling planned “Time Outs” and focusing on DROPs and hands-free lifting. Follow-up conference calls were held with rig OIMs to discuss expectations and review the plan, and then meetings were held with the crews to discuss Safety Leadership.

“Achieving a perfect day, every day, is always the goal in our operations, and we wanted to prove that it doesn’t just happen by chance,” said Chris Ness, Sr. Vice President, AMU. “Each of our AMU employees proved that by working together and following our company management system, perfect days can be expected!”

Thanks to everyone in the AMU for their continued efforts to enhance our performance every day.



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