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INBOX: Letters from our customers


Dhirubhai Deepwater KG2 Team

On behalf of Woodside, we would like to formally recognize your achievements on the Jujak-1 campaign and thank you for your considerable contributions. Clearly we set an aspirational target for ourselves, far from a foregone conclusion; however, due to the professionalism, dedication and commitment you have shown throughout the campaign, we have accomplished what we set out to achieve.


The DDKG2 team safely drilled the Jujak-1 well without a recordable HSE incident, under budget and ahead of schedule.


Let us also not forget the context of these achievements. Jujak-1 was a wildcat exploration well being the first well in the basin, the first deepwater well drilled in the Republic of Korea, the first drilling activity in Korea for Woodside and the first time a Korean-made drillship has drilled in Korean waters. All factors considered – everyone involved in this campaign should feel proud to have delivered the vision set for this campaign.


Well done and thank you for making this campaign a safe and successful operation which has exceeded expectation. We wish you well in your future endeavors. 

Mark Edge

Drilling Superintendent

Woodside Energy (Korea) PTE Ltd


Clark Brannin

Well Delivery Manager

International, Performance & Rig Strategy

Woodside Energy Ltd.


On behalf of Dan, Casey and myself, I would like to thank you for the support shown by the Transocean team yesterday. The number of KG2 people present helped to highlight many opportunities. Input and ideas from John and yourself were greatly appreciated. I have conducted many DWOP’s (drilling wells on paper) over the years and must say the proactive involvement of your ADs and driller (taking a lead within their work teams) was exemplary. The positive feedback I have had on your crew was well found!

Peter Leslie

Reach Coordinator

Newfield Drilling Malaysia



I would like to express my appreciation to the rig leadership, Transocean crews and service company personnel for your efforts in delivering operations safely on the Constellation II. The last incident resulting in an injury to one of our colleagues was five months ago.


This is a tremendous achievement and is directly attributed to the leaders on the rig setting clear expectations and from the focus and commitment the team puts into meeting those expectations and working safely each and every day.


In addition, the team has reached a significant milestone in the WA7 well, setting the 7.5/8” liner and securing the reservoir section. This has been a challenging well and the team has demonstrated that through detailed planning, complex operations can be delivered safely.


I am confident with the same focus you can deliver the remainder of the program on West Akhen Platform safely and efficiently.

Thank you again, please continue your efforts to make every day incident-free.

Gary Kelso

Well Operations Manager

BP Egypt



I would personally like to thank the Trident 15 rig team and management on reaching six years since the last DAFW and 202 days IFO on June 21, 2012. This took an outstanding team effort to reach this point, so pat yourself on the back and I encourage you to keep your focus one day at a time.

Charles Hodkins

Drilling Superintendent

Chevron Global Upstream


Congratulations to the Trident 15, the fastest jackup on the planet, for achieving this outstanding safety milestone. This is a great team accomplishment and further proof that outstanding drilling performance and safety are part of the culture in Thailand. Thanks to everyone involved for your commitment to delivering Clear Leader performance and sending everyone home safely.

J. David Payne

Vice President Drilling & Completions

Chevron Global Upstream


Congratulations to the entire Trident 15 team on achieving this significant milestone. This is a great accomplishment and you are also well on your way to achieving a work environment without a recordable as well. During our recent visit to the Trident 15, Khun Chidpon was extremely impressed with the new housekeeping standard, which is maintained on board the rig which is the number one leading indicator of the OE culture that exists. We are all very proud of the work that you do and the standard you set in achieving the objectives for us. Thanks for a great effort.

Rob Weakley

Drilling & Completions Manager

Chevron Global Upstream



Thanks to the team on the GSF Key Gibraltar  for taking care of everyone on board. Delivering a full year of safe operations direct from start up is no easy task and requires significant focus and commitment. One day at a time, one task at a time goes a long way toward incident-free operations. The recent serious near miss simply reinforces the need to stay focused on all aspects of the operations and to ensure everyone is aware of potential hazards. Please pass on my appreciation to all of the crews on the rig.

J. David Payne

Vice President Drilling & Completions

Chevron Global Upstream


Please pass my sincerest congratulations for achieving this significant accomplishment. The GSF Key Gibraltar team has done an amazing job in starting up a new rig and achieving this milestone in its first year of operation.


As your team builds more skills in the process of planning, briefing, executing and debriefing, please make plans to discuss housekeeping as part of the plan and as part of the debrief. Assure yourselves you are beginning work in an orderly environment and assure yourselves you are leaving the job site that same way for those that come behind you. Especially the platforms on which we work.


Thanks again for doing a fantastic job.

Rob Weakley

Drilling & Completions Manager

Chevron Global Upstream


Congratulations to the GSF Key Gibraltar  Team!  You have taken a rig from cold stack, moved into a high performance operation, and built a sustainable safety culture.  Great effort from each person to contribute to this achievement.  Since arriving, we have drilled one of the most challenging projects in Thailand with SBWA.  We have overcome well control events, MTGLs, abandonments, and will soon experience exploration wells while keeping the Clear Leader vision.  I am very proud to be a part of this operation with you.  Thank you again for maintaining our commitment to sending everyone home to their family without injury.  Our commitment to excellence shows every day that we work.  Thank you again and congratulations!

Scott Nash

Drilling Superintendent

Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd.



Customer, Total, sent these recognition emails after five years of top performace on the SEDCO 714.


A small note to  recognize, once again, an excellent Safety and Operational Performance as of June 16, 2012, reaching five years without an LTI. Fantastic is a great word that covers this achievement! This really is excellent and a superb achievement. ...


I’d like to recognize the excellent achievement and work everyone on the rig has been doing and, in particular, I would like to highlight both of you (OIMs) for your enthusiastic and strong approach to HSE on the rig. The work and effort by you can be seen passing through your immediate supervisors / management and onto the complete crew and third-party personnel. It is not easy and requires 100% commitment, which is clearly evident. Very well done and we wish you all the best for the years ahead.


I’d like to recognize the SEDCO 714 crews. They dealt with this challenge eager to perform well, and they did, efficiently and safely. I bet they were a bit disappointed not to carry on into the HP/HT section. Mind you, they got a good flavor of it at the end of the 17-1/2” section with the rather high level of gas suddenly showing up on mud returns. This is when they reacted best and made me feel really confident in this rig: with calm, and determination. We managed together to control this formation, POOH gently and even perform logs prior to a smooth casing run. This is all what HP/HT is about: take it gently, respect the well, and be patient. Please, pass the crews my congratulations. ...


Please congratulate on my behalf all the team members who have delivered this important milestone in a very effective way.



I would like to express my deep appreciation on the recent record achieved by MPI team “the pioneers in Manifa offshore” for drilling successfully MNIF-714, the longest offshore well in Saudi Aramco, with a total of 25,745 feet MD. In addition, we are expecting, enshallah (God willing), to deliver this well six days from now which places us ± 24 days ahead of time.

Again, I would like to thank drilling operation, engineering, Baker Hughes, Reed & Hughes Bits and Transocean who were involved in achieving this new offshore field record.

Muhammad Fahd Al-Uraik

Drilling Engineer

MP-1, MANIFA Offshore



We appreciate all the Trident 12 crew on board for their good work in executing the well activation job on well D1-D#1 safely and efficiently with good coordination and communication will all service partners.

Especially the well flow process and deck management in accommodating the acid job and coil tubing equipment in a short notice to the expectations was commendable.


All eyes were set on Trident 12 for this special operation and we accomplished the task successfully. Keep up the good work!

K.K. Gogoi

ONGC Company Man

Trident 12



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the guys on the rig for delivering the Temana-75 well with a very decent performance with no major rig NPTs. Taking off the rig repairs time done at the start of the well, the rig was able to deliver the well as per the planned timing, of course without considering the well tests.


The rig safety performance is also to be commended with good participation from everyone on the START cards and good teamwork with PCSB staff. It is quite sad to end the campaign with an LTI. I am sure this is not an indicative performance of the rig safety attitude overall but is the result of a single moment of complacency of the crew with the simplest of tasks, i.e. the process of removing rubbish. I hope we all learned a lesson here that no job scope is simple enough to be treated lightly when it comes to SAFETY.

Mahzan Mohammad

Drilling Superintendent

Temana-75 Drilling Campaign- Petronas