Turtle Power!


Crewmembers of the Deepwater Expedition were heroes to two sea turtles this October, which were spotted tangled in a fishing net not far from the ship and struggling to survive.

When the order was given to rescue the turtles, volunteers sprang to action, following a well-developed THINK plan to ensure the job was completed safely.

Did You Know?

Located off the Eastern coast of India, the waters where the Deepwater Expedition operates are filled with an abundance of sea life, especially at the end of the monsoon season (starting in September). Recently the rig reported a school of more than 100 dolphins passing close to the ship, as well as several manta rays.

“The whole crew rallied around the rescue operation, with even the customer holding off the supply vessel to avoid simultaneous operations on our port side,” said DWE Captain Jarlath Trant.

The fast rescue craft was launched and the turtles were brought onboard by the DPO. After assessing their condition, the pair was brought back to the rig to properly disentangle them from the nets.

“The medic received his two patients with some trepidation, but rose to the challenge and in no time declared both fit for sea,” said Jarlath. “The two turtles were released back to their environment where they swam away into the depths of their natural habitat.”

Thanks to the DWE crews for being outstanding environmental stewards!


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