Transocean Launches Major Evaluation of Safety Processes and Culture

Transocean in October launched a major, global evaluation of our safety processes and culture to help us understand where our practices are effective and where we need to improve.

Kicked off by CEO Bob Long and President Steven Newman with an open letter to all employees, this process involves people at many levels of the organization all around the world. Visits will be made to 24 rigs, in addition to many offices, to review our systems, policies and procedures, our training programs, day-to-day safety practices and much more.

Transocean will be assisted in this important effort by Lloyd’s Register, a leading risk management organization. The evaluation group will report to a steering committee consisting of: Bob Long, CEO; Steven Newman, President; Adrian Rose, VP QHSE; and Sherry Richard, Sr. VP, HR and IT.

Right now, the Company Management System, including related performance standards, audit results, employee surveys, risk studies and incident investigations, is being carefully reviewed. While this process occurs largely behind the scenes, it sets the stage for the upcoming regional visits to offices and rigs.

Transocean is committed to providing you with open and honest communications about our progress, conclusions and the changes required that will help us achieve our safety vision of an incident-free operation, all the time, everywhere.

In our journey toward an incident-free workplace, every positive step counts – especially yours. So don’t wait for the results of the Lloyd’s evaluation. You have the ability to impact the safety of yourself and your co-workers every single day – starting now.


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