Transocean Mohole Project Inducted into OEC Hall of Fame … Again!


Drilling to the “Moho” set the stage for ultra-deepwater drilling.

Transocean on October 10 again was recognized by the Offshore Energy Center in Galveston, Texas, for its role in “Project Mohole,” which was elected to the OEC’s 2009 Hall of Fame in the Technology Pioneer category. Phase II of the project was this year’s Hall of Fame inductee, while Phase I of the project was elected in 2008.

Project Mohole, a historic effort by employees of Transocean predecessor companies Waterfall Inc. and Global Marine Inc., has been widely acknowledged as setting the stage for ultra-deepwater drilling and marked the invention of dynamic positioning. The project attempted to drill through the Earth’s crust to the Mohorovičić discontinuity (the boundary between the Earth’s crust and mantle, commonly known as the “Moho”), located hundreds of feet below the seafloor in more than 10,000 feet of water. Click here to read more about Project Mohole in an Online Extra.


Transocean predecessor company Global Marine utilized the drillship CUSS 1 to accomplish this groundbreaking effort.

“The oil and gas industry, especially the offshore, owes its existence to the development and application of technology to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges in the search for energy,” says the OEC Web site. “We honor the organizations and individuals who dreamed, who believed, who supported, who struggled and who achieved their prize and the innovations they used in their success.”

Pharr Smith, Vice President of Engineering and Technical Services, accepted the honor on behalf of the company. A plaque honoring this achievement will be on permanent display at the OEC’s Ocean Star Museum.


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