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GSF Constellation II – Egypt

I WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS MY appreciation to the rig leadership, Transocean crews and service company personnel that make up the team working on the Constellation II for your contribution to delivering two significant milestones.

Our operations during the third quarter of 2009 were delivered without a recordable incident, this is a great achievement and directly attributable to the focus and commitment the team puts in to working safely each and every day. I am sure with the same focus we can deliver the same result for the remainder of the year.

We have also delivered the primary objectives of Satis 3 52 days ahead of the AFE time estimate and US $25 million under budget. This is a tremendous achievement given the complex nature of the well and demonstrates what is possible from great team work.

Thank you again for your efforts.

Wells Performance Manager, BP Egypt


JOIDES Resolution

NOW THAT THE DUST HAS SETTLED on the JOIDES Resolution re-fit, I wanted to thank you for your involvement with and commitment to this project. I know for Transocean, this could have been just one more project. To scientists like me using scientific ocean drilling as a necessary part of our work, the JR refit and return to successful operations were key to the future. I had the pleasure of sailing on the inaugural expedition to the equatorial Pacific. Except for those few, but long moments when the ship’s engines stopped, the JR performance was splendid. Oh sure, the quarters were nice, the galley was great, habitality/quality of life are hugely improved – but the drilling operations and the core recovered were splendid. Made all the meetings worthwhile. Thanks!

Professor, Ocean Sciences
University of California, Santa Cruz

> Editor’s note: The JOIDES Resolution is a scientific research vessel, which began operations in 1978 as the Sedco/BP 471 – originally an oil exploration vessel. In January 1985, after being converted for scientific research, the vessel began working for the Ocean Drilling Program ( The JOIDES Resolution is owned by Overseas Drilling Limited, which is a joint venture company owned 50 percent by Transocean and 50 percent by DSND Shipping AS.


Sedco Energy – Nigeria

GREAT JOB AND TEAM WORK IN GETTING this upper completion in the ground for well Agbami 18 UC. Seven days and $11 million better than planned and with an NPT of 1 percent, truly a new record and an outstanding performance. I don’t think that it is not recognized here in the office. While there was a medical recordable injury during the operation, there is still a lot to be proud of in the safety culture that has been developed, honed and continually re-enforced on the rig. I recognize that this takes a tremendous effort and the 605 days that were worked without a recordable proves it. Please pass onto the rig crews and service providers “congratulations” for their efforts. Again, congratulations on the great job and thanks for all your hard work and effort in creating a truly incredible safety culture on the rig.

D&C Operations Manager, Chevron


GSF Arctic IV – North Sea

THE TELFORD G19 WELL HAS BEEN AN exceptional team effort, so as we prepare to hand over the well to Scott Production, it seems an appropriate point to thank everyone involved for their input and effort. I’ve probably missed a couple of things, but overall the team has overcome numerous problems and executed a complex project in a very professional fashion. Please pass on Nexen’s thanks to the offshore and onshore teams.

Drilling Superintendent, Nexen

THIS HAS BEEN AN EXCELLENT performance, on a well with numerous difficult technical challenges. It was also especially important that the whole program was carried out safely without any LTIs or significant incidents. The fact that the well came in above expectations was an additional bonus that is likely to result in further work at Telford. Please pass on the appreciation and thanks of the entire Nexen Management Team to all personnel involved in successfully delivering this well, and especially to all onboard the GSF Arctic IV. Keep up the safe work.

D&C Manager, Nexen



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