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Serious About Dropped Object Prevention Aboard GSF Baltic
When the crews of the GSF Baltic in August experienced a dropped object incident (while nobody was injured, the bow crane lay down wood fell more than 19 feet to the deck), they launched a full-scale recovery plan, which included a safety stand down and DROPS (Dropped Object Prevention Scheme) inspection on all areas of the rig.

Part of the DROPS inspection included an innovative plan to inspect the rig’s legs, which involved towing the rig to a deeper-water location and jacking the legs fully down for a September 2 inspection. While the plan involved extra time and expense to Transocean, and a delay to customer ExxonMobil, all parties approved of the effort. And it resulted in nearly 2,000 pounds of potential dropped objects being removed from the rig, including corroded anodes, loose sections of ladder, fishing nets, tools, turnbuckles and more.

“We took serious action to ensure that a dropped object incident would never again occur on our rig, and we were backed up in this effort at every level of Transocean management,” said Ian Laird, Rig Manager, Asset. “Today there is much greater dropped objects awareness on board the Baltic and an even greater culture of conducting safe operations, no matter what the cost.”


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