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Transocean’s Achievers use the FIRST Core Values to turn everyday expectations into extraordinary results during an Age of Excellence.

Transocean’s FIRST Excellence Award (FEA) recognizes those who go above and beyond in demonstrating the company’s FIRST Core Values to generate extraordinary results.

Recipients are nominated by their peers, and each nomination undergoes a thorough review process before being selected by the Nomination Review Committee. The members of this committee dedicate their energy and countless hours to ensure the integrity of the review and approval process, so that the final award recipients selected are truly reflective of FIRST. Members of the most recent Nomination Review Committee included: Darrel Pelley (2009 FEA recipient); David Keddington, Janelle Daniel (2010 FEA recipient), Steve Myers, Jess Richards, John Boone, Bill Wainwright (2013 FEA recipient), Asbjorn Olsen and Martin Nuttall.

The 16th Annual FIRST Excellence Award recipients were recognized in Houston at the annual awards ceremony, where they were welcomed into the elite FIRST family by past recipients. They are the individuals and installations that bring to life Transocean’s Core Values and set the high standards for FIRST – inspiring us to achieve our best and highest purpose as individuals and as a company.

Get acquainted with this year’s recipients – Transocean’s 2015 FIRST Achievers.

All of the photos from the evening can be seen here.

For a gallery of photos from the pre-Ceremony reception, go here.

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